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Every choice you make has multiple impacts. At USR Parts, we know your business demands more than just quality replacement parts. That's why you can count on the USR Parts Online Network to offer the additional resources, reach and know-how that will add value to your operation, and contribute to your success.

Our focus is to provide customers with high quality aftermarket replacement parts at a great value. Although USR Parts specializes in CAT?, Komatsu? and Volvo?, we also have the largest network of parts for other popular construction and mining equipment.

Every day we are adding new replacement parts options and features that provide you with the best possible shopping experience. Check back with us often to experience all that USR Parts has to offer for CAT?, Komatsu?, Volvo? from Filters to Undercarriage and more...

Why Choose Us?

What makes our company different from others is our employees, leadership and customer service. At USR Parts, we know your business demands more than just quality products. That's why you can count on the USR Parts network to offer the additional Cat parts resources, reach and know-how that add value to your operation and contribute to your success.

Quality Products

Aftermarket replacement (spare) parts provide the most efficient and cost-effective solution for your business. Because genuine OEM parts are often very expensive, the cost per hour on quality aftermarket replacement parts will almost always win over OEM. That is why USR Parts only offers the highest quality aftermarket parts hand selected from brands that are proven and trusted.

Superior Customer Service

We believe that to truly offer "superior customer service" we must first understand what is important to our customers, and the only way to know that is to ask them. Every aspect of our business, whether it's navigating our website, using our online order management system, receiving a shipment or talking with a representative, has all been strategically developed to satisfy the needs of our clients.

Genuine & Aftermarket Replacement Parts for


Access to over one million quality replacement spare parts for Caterpillar? heavy equipment.

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Thousands of heavy equipment replacement parts are available and ready to ship today.

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Availability on thousands of aftermarket parts for Volvo Excavators, Wheel Loaders and Backhoe Loaders.

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We offer premium undercarriage brands like ITR? VTrack? and DCF? for all makes and all models.

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Give us a call, send us an email or visit our location and we will be happy to assist you!

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